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Terra Water

Terra Water is a software for water supply system (Water Rec Software). It runs in loop AND branch system. It uses popular method that named as Hardy Cross for loop system and junction method for branch system.

Software Experience Highlights:

  • Hardy Cross method for loop system AND Junction method for branch system. It gathers general water supply layout.
  • Graphical input. Nodes and pipes are input in graphical mode.
  • Automation error messaging on water reticulation software.
  • Export to Excel file format. Easy conversion to any preferred design report format.

Design Highlights:

  • Can handle more than 500 nodes easily, we haven't discovered it's max node(limit) yet so far.
  • Multiple cases for design consideration : Average Flow + Fire Flow , Peak Flow, etc.
  • Considering hydrant flow accordance to local authority requirement.
  • Water Demand (Q) compliance to local authority guideline.
  • Pump and Valve input adds-on to the network as part of calculation and design criteria
  • Follow local authority design criteria and submission report.


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