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Terra Alpha

Our latest power Terra Alpha . The powerful yet friendly Earthworks Software in Malaysia with advance features and interactive 3D.

Surveyor Software Function:

  • Poilnt Labelling, e.g : point number,elevation, height & code
  • Can import points from ASCII (Text) file with delimiter either of tab, space, comma etc.
  • Text filetering fuction for survey layour with prefix or suffix.

Earthworks Planning /Design:

  • Auto interpolate between points/text of the original ground levels
  • Digital Terrain Method and MGrid* System.
  • Auto Slope Classification to Existing Ground Level.
  • Auto slope and berms generation to JKR Standard / user defined
  • Layout Cut/Fill area , 3D countour and 3D platform level view.
  • Auto generate high quality longitudinal sections, cut/fill reports, columne, quantity take off & break-down calculation grid-to-grid

*MGrid is another innovative method developed by C&S Software Solutions S/B to further improve result accuracy and precision in Earthworks Calculation.


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