Our latest power Earthwork Computation 2016 – Earth+ V4.0. The powerful Earthworks Software in Malaysia with advance features and interactive 3D.

This application is specially written for Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia (MSMA). Storm+ V4.0 simplifies the application of MSMA 1st edition and MSMA 2nd Edition by automating computations and leading the user through the drainage design sequence

Now, it is come with run a design in a single click.

For your information, our new version of Storm+ 3.0 has been re-invented with a great improvement on especially in pond design. USDV2 further improve on the productivity of design process and more AUTOMATION on design.

Feature Highlights

  • Simulation in level pool routing based on inflow and outflow.
  • IDF curves and design rainfall
  • Rational Method
  • Rainfall Temporal Pattern
  • Time Area Method
  • On-site Detention (OSD)
  • Level Pool Routing


As a MSMA software developer, we know well about both MSMA 1st edition and MSMA 2nd edition before we provide a complete, reliable and accuate software to our users ! Let's have some glimpse features comparison between MSMA 1st Edition and 2nd Edition.


MSMA 1st Edition (Year 2000 - 2011)


  • On-Site Detention (OSD) should be used for development <= 1 ha.
  • Rational Method for Pond should be used for development <=80 ha.
  • Time-Area Method can produce more economy and accurate design.


MSMA 2nd Edition (Year 2012)


  • On-Site Detention (OSD) can be used for development <= 5 ha.
  • New submission report format.
  • New IDF Data with 162 stations, compared to MSMA 1st Edition with only 36 Stations.
  • New IDF Formulae


Drain Networks software is a contented civil engineering software that performs the computation of drain sections and inverts levels.

This application is a urban civil engineering software that performs the computation of sewers sizing and inverts levels.

Aquator is a software for water supply system (Water Rec Software). It runs in loop AND branch system. It uses popular method that named as Hardy Cross for loop system and junction method for branch system.

Sediment Basin – temporary pond built on a construction site to capture eroded or disturbed soil that is washed off during rain storms, and protect the water quality of a nearby stream, river, lake, or bay.